ABKWW launches new ‘Gasor’ and ‘Gapet’ for Adis

ROING, 5 Apr: In a bid to revive traditional apparels and attire of the Adi tribe, the Adi Baane Kebang Women’s Wing (ABKWW) launched a new yet traditional form of the ‘Gasor’ (towel) and ‘Gapet’ (handkerchief) in a formal meeting here in Lower Dibang Valley district on Sunday.

Launching the traditional ‘Gasor’ and ‘Gapet’,

ABKWW president Olen Megu Damin and general secretary Opak Takuk Ering said that “the objective behind the ceremonial launch of the traditional items was to revive and popularize the lost traditional dresses and garments of the Adis.”

“Our Adis have been using Assamese gamosa for presentations and other occasions instead of using our own traditional garments, which often creates confusion among the visitors of other states. Hence, we have come up with our own towel and handkerchief by reviving the lost wears of the Adis which was used and worn by the forefathers of the Adis in the early days”, added Olen Megu Damin.

Damin has been playing a proactive role in reviving the lost traditional apparels of the Adis, including the recent launch of the ‘Kongge’ and ‘Kopung- accessories symbolising the married status of both men and women in the Adi community.

On the occasion, the ABKWW also felicitated renowned Adi filmmaker and director cum scriptwriter, Darbom Tayeng and well-known weaver Maloni Lego in recognition of their social contribution toward the Adis.

The ABKWW’s initiative to revive the lost traditional apparels was highly admired by Deputy Commissioner Kesang Ngurup Damo, ZPC Obang Ngupok, and other guests and patrons who encouraged wearing traditional apparels.

The ZPC also extended financial assistance of Rs 50,000 to the ABKWW team to carry out more such work for the larger interest of the Adis.