Traffic awareness for school students

ITANAGAR, 5 Apr: In an effort to create awareness about road safety, the State Road Safety Agency, on Monday organized a mass traffic awareness campaign here at the DK Convention Centre for school children.

Transport Minister Nakap Nalo appealed to the road users to maintain safety while driving.

“Most of the accident victims are youths aged between 16 to 35 years, who drive recklessly by not obeying the traffic rules,” he said.

He said that road accidents in the state have increased as the highway has come up, which he said can be stopped if people follow the traffic rules properly. He appealed to the parents to not let their under-aged children drive.

He further urged upon the education department to create awareness on road safety in school.

Appealing everyone to comply with traffic rules and drive only with a legally procured license, Transport Secretary Dani Salu said that the campaign was mainly focused on creating awareness among the students about the importance of road safety.

 He also identified daily wage earners as the most susceptible to road accidents. “Poor are the main sufferers,” he said.

The secretary also said road safety subject should be part of the school curriculum.  “The role of school and college students along with teachers and parents is very important,” he emphasised.

Later, the minister administered an oath to the attendees to strictly abide and follow the traffic rules.