Tage visits ICAR Basar, inspects facilities

BASAR, 6 Apr: Agriculture Minister Tage Taki paid his maiden visit to ICAR’s regional centre based in Basar, accompanied by local MLA Gokar Basar and Leparada DC Duly Kamduk on 6 April.

Taki visited the farming system research project block and witnessed the demonstration of adjustable low cost poly tunnel, rain shelters and fish-cum-duck block. He also visited the horticulture, composite fish culture, dairy, piggery, goat, mushroom, agronomy, soil science, agrforestry, plant breeding and crop cafeteria blocks.

Taki, who also holds the department of horticulture, animal husbandry, veterinary and dairy development, interacted with the farmers and the scientific and technical staffs of the ICAR Basar.

They provided few suggestions for effective functioning of the centreso that

 it can work better for the welfare of the farmers of the state.

“ICAR Basar is doing well in their work. I am impressed at the establishment of pig farm and integrated farming system,” the minister opined.

The minister, along with MLA Basar, ZPC Nyabi Dirchi and DC Kamduk and others distributed Kalinga brown chicks with feeds to 33 farmers, Assam lemon saplings to three farmers, low cost polyhouse to 10 farmers, vermicompost with bio-pesticides and copper-oxy-xhloride to 20 farmers of Leparada districts.

Other officials, who accompanied the minister, were AHV&DD Director Dr ND Minto, Horticulture Director Tage Tatu and Agriculture Joint Director K Riram.