Felix releases SIRD&PR’s training calendar

ITANAGAR, 12 Apr: Rural Development (RD) & Panchayati Raj (PR) Minister Bamang Felix released the 2021-22 annual training calendar of the SIRD&PR in a function here on Monday, in the presence of RD&PR Secretary Amarnath Talwade and others.

Emphasizing the importance of the SIRD&PR in transforming rural Arunachal by building the capacity of the PR&RD department, Felix said that the SIRD&PR “have a huge role in disseminating information and knowledge required for transformation of rural Arunachal.”

Sharing his vision for “a vibrant and transformed rural Arunachal in respect of all spheres of rural life,” he advocated adopting innovative ways for “outreaching the quality training and capacity building of diverse stakeholders.”

The minister requested all the officials of the SIRD&PR to show leadership skills in discharging their functions, and gave assurance that “all challenges and gaps will be sorted out in consultation with the RD&PR secretary, so that the institute can adhere to the proposed timeline for conducting 190 training programmes during the year.”

He asked the RD and PR directors to ensure that their field staffers actively follow the timeline for the training proposed in the current year’s training calendar.

Talwade in his address said the rural development and panchayati raj department is implementing centrally sponsored schemes “for which the activity in regards to implementation of those schemes is required to be done in time bound manner to keep pace with the ministry.”

SIRD&PR Director Habung Lampung outlined the consultative process adopted in finalizing the training calendar, “which is realistic and achievable to the greater extent, provided timely funds are available.” He informed that, out of a total of 1,508 persons proposed to be trained during the year, the majority constitute elected PR members. The functionaries of the RD&PR will also be trained, he said.

Lampung also informed the minister about the initiatives being taken up by the SIRD&PR.