Bui visits proposed sites for central projects in U/Subansiri

[Karda Natam]

DAPORIJO, 18 Apr: A team of engineers of the water resource department (WRD) along with MLA Rode Bui on Saturday conducted a feasibility study for several centrally-sponsored integrated projects/schemes proposed to be implemented in Maro, Dugi village (Kuporijo) and Dumporijo in Upper Subansiri district.

The projects proposed to be implemented in Maro and Kuporijo include integrated water conservation-cum-irrigation, pisciculture, livestock and recreational centre development, while an anti-erosion work (Phase II) is being taken up to protect Dumporijo town.

After visiting the proposed sites, Bui said the tourism potential of Upper Subansiri district, particularly Dumporijo, located on the bank of the Subansiri river, needs to be explored.

He said several proposals under various schemes related to tourism and water resources have been made before the higher authority for consideration. The MLA also said that financial support is being provided to the villagers from his local area development fund to promote local products to secure a better livelihood for them.

Various schemes, including development of fish ponds, have been initiated in the constituency, Bui said.

WRD (Design & Planning) CE Likar Angu said that most of the places visited fulfill the criteria required for the projects.

SE Tang Ligu advised the villagers, particularly the youths, to take up agriculture and horticulture activities and poultry farming in their areas to earn a livelihood.

The entourage included Baririjo ZPM Ponga Gongo, ZPC Nyato Marde, CO Mite Gongo and other departmental engineers.