ANYA unit seeks expediting road work

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 18 Apr: The Kurung Kumey district unit of the All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) on Sunday demanded that the authority concerned expedite the work on Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) 713 in Kurung Kumey district.

Addressing a press conference here, Kurung Kumey ANYA unit president Bengia Taram claimed that the progress of work on the TAH in the district is going on at a snail’s pace “and thus affecting the day to day lives, including transportation and rations.”

“The land compensation issue in Kurung Kumey district was resolved in 2017. We took the resolution to cooperate with the district administration in implementing TAH in the district, so that there would be no obstacle to the road,” said Taram.

“However, we had a strong reservation that formation cutting work under Package 8 should be started from Koloriang DC office, Package 7 should be from Sangram township, and Package 6 from Ponrong to avoid inconvenience to the commuters,” Taram added.

Further, he claimed that the executing agency, TK Engineering, started the formation cutting at its convenience and thus created inconvenience to the commuters and disrupted transportation of rations and other supplies in the district.

The ANYA unit president also demanded that the Food Cooperation of India’s godown be shifted to Koloriang for the welfare of Kurung Kumey district.

ANYA unit GS Huri Tadung claimed that there are “numerous anomalies going on in the public works department.”

“PWD never floats NIT for Kurung Kumey district. Even if it floats, it is floated on Friday and by the time it reaches the public, the deadline is already over,” alleged Tadung.

The GS also claimed that the PWD division in Kurung Kumey district charges 25 percent from the contractors for every work, and demanded that the authority take action against the officers.

He further claimed that the department is “indulging in such practice, wrecking the contractors and compromising the work quality.”

The ANYA unit also urged the government to implement the order issued by the then governor JP Rajkhowa “to revert all officiating and out-of-turn promoted officers.”