Thunderstorm disrupts power supply in W/Siang

AALO, 2 May: A thunderstorm that occurred in the evening of 1 May in West Siang district has disrupted electricity supply in the district.

The thunderstorm left behind

a trail of devastation, damaging LT poles and streetlights near the SBI office, Gumin Nagar, the post office, the DFO office, New Market, the Siyom army school, and RK Mission in the urban feeder lines, and many places in the rural feeder lines, cutting off electricity supply to the district.

Restoration work on the urban feeder lines was carried out on Sunday under the supervision of Electrical Department SE Dagyom Ango. New electric poles had to be erected in many places.

Ango said that only the urban feeder lines could be restored, and that it would take another two days to restore the rural feeder lines, where damages have to be assessed. (DIPRO)