Hidden Covid cases biggest threat: DMO

ITANAGAR, 28 May: Papum Pare District Medical Officer (DMO) Dr K Perme has termed the hidden cases of Covid-19 the biggest threat.

Briefing the press here on Friday, he said he has received reports of people with Covid symptoms not coming forward to get tested.

“Some people don’t come forward for tests despite showing symptoms. They are the potential super-spreaders. This is the reason we declared the entire Sagalee town as a containment zone,” said Dr Perme.

Besides Sagalee, the entire Kimin town has also been declared as a micro-containment zone.

The DMO also said that contact tracing is being scaled up in the district.

“We are also seeking assistance from the ASHAs to improve the contact tracing in the district,” he said.

He further announced that soon random testing will be done in Doimukh town.