RGURSF accuses VC of abusing scholars

ITANAGAR, 20 Jun: The Rajiv Gandhi University Research Scholars’ Forum (RGURSF) has said that RGU Vice Chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha verbally abused several research scholars, questioned their integrity, intimidated them with threats of vigilance actions, and issued veiled threats to use ‘other tactics’ to silence those who hold critical views against the university administration.

The forum said that Prof Kushwaha said these during the online interactive session ‘Samvaad’ with the scholars and officers of the university on Saturday.

The forum has described the VC’s remarks during the interaction as “intemperate, vituperative, abusive and intimidating,” adding that he removed those participants from the meeting who asked critical questions and raised genuine issues.

“It was not a meeting but an all-out virtual assault on scholars,” it said.

Stating that the virtual meeting had been arranged to insult the research scholars for unwarranted and unfounded reasons, the RGURSF said that, instead of clearing doubts, the VC’s comments were filled with rage and negativity.

“During this trying time of pandemic, when we are all stressed and under mental pressure, instead of motivating and encouraging us, the VC was all guns blazing, insulting us, swearing upon us and discouraging us in the most unpleasant way possible. It was a ranting session, not an interactive session,” the forum said.