Red panda rescued, released into natural habitat

A red panda which was rescued recently from downstream of the Yargyap-Chu river in Shi-Yomi’s Mechuka subdivision was released back into its natural habitat by forest officials and the administration on Saturday morning.

MECHUKA, 26 Jun: A red panda (Ailurus fulgens) was recently rescued from downstream of the Yargyap-Chu river here in Shi-Yomi district by Tony Mosing and Takar Kotin Mosu of Mechuka town.

The weak red panda was reportedly found clinging onto a log in the river. The duo rescued the red panda and handed it over to the forest department here.

RFO Tanga Murtem decided to release the animal into its natural habitat. A team including the RFO, Mechuka CO Honjon Perme, DFR Marbom Sora, and others transported the red panda to a spot 15 kms from the last outpost and released the animal into its natural habitat on Saturday morning.

As a token of appreciation, the environment & forests department handed over cash awards to the duo

who rescued the red panda.

Meanwhile, Legislative Assembly Speaker Pasang D Sona, who represents Shi-Yomi district as MLA, lauded the forest department and the administration for the commendable job.

“I personally congratulate and commend the young RFO and his team and CO Mechuka for their commendable initiative to release the endangered species back into its natural habitat,” Sona stated.

He also commended the rescuers and exuded hope that their noble act would inspire others to do the same. (DIPRO & Speaker’s PR Cell)