Assn resents poor works under PMGSY, seeks clarification

LAYING YANGTE, 3 Jul: The All Paniasang Area Youth Association has expressed resentment over the poor works carried out under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) in its area and sought a clarification from the EE concerned over the poor quality construction.

The association alleged that the PMGSY roads from Damin to Goa and from Damin to Tarbu in Kurung Kumey district have been constructed without maintaining the prescribed norms and guidelines, which led to poor quality construction.

Dissatisfied with the road works, the association in a representation to the “EE of Laying Yangte division” sought detailed information about the progress of the PMGSY road (Package No AR/14/02/014 and Package No AR/14/02/059) from the beginning till June, 2021, and also “detailed information on the fund released to the firm of the PMGSY road under the two packages.”

“Road communication is the key to development of any area; hence, we will never tolerate if there is any fund mismanagement and unsatisfactory work,” the association said.

“Our objective is to connect our backward area with all-weather motorable road,” it said, and demanded that the EE explain the reason(s) behind the unsatisfactory construction activities within seven days.