Six shops gutted in Miao

[ Pisi Zauing ]

MIAO, 4 Jul: Six shops were reduced to ashes in a fire that broke out in the Singpho village area here in Changlang district on Saturday night.

The fire broke out due to short circuit. However, there is no report of any casualty.

The shopkeepers incurred huge losses in the fire. Manthat Singpho is the proprietor of the shops.

Immediately after the news of the raging fire flashed across the town, a big crowd turned up. Amidst hue and cry, some people threw water, others threw dust, and some beat the fire with sticks and rods. But gradually the fire engulfed all the shops.

In the absence of a fire station, the public along with personnel from the Miao battalion of the Indian Army somehow managed to douse the raging fire. But by the time the fire was put out, all the belongings were heaps of ashes. Charred remains of bricks, pots and pans, CGI sheets and timber lay scattered all over the scene.

Miao is an urban town and the home constituency of Urban Development Minister Kamlung Mossang. It has a history of fire accidents occurring every 4-5 years. The public here has been demanding a fire station, but the urban town is yet to get the facility.