Property tax notice over Arunachal Bhavan invites criticism

ITANAGAR, 5 Jul: The Arunachal Pradesh Students Union Maharashtra (APSUM) on Monday condemned the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) for serving a property tax notice for Rs 7,90,618 to the industries secretary of the government of Arunachal on 24 June.

In a representation to the chief minister, the APSUM stated that a major portion of the Arunachal Bhavan in Navi Mumbai is occupied

by one Udani and US Roofs Pvt Ltd for many years and they are “making business profits.”

“To send property tax notice and billing by Navi MMC makes no sense,” the union said.

It also claimed that the NMMC charges more than its actual rate, and that electricity and water bills have been found to have been manipulated by US Roof Pvt Ltd.

The union sought the chief minister’s intervention in the matter.