Orgs urge GoAP to check ‘chaotic functioning’ of govt depts in Shi-Yomi

ITANAGAR, 8 Jul: The All Kochung Ao Welfare Society and the Shi-Yomi district unit of the ABK Youth Wing have appealed to the state government to take steps to lessen the problems being faced by the citizens of Shi-Yomi district due to “chaotic functioning” of various government departments in the district.

In a representation to the chief minister, the organizations on Wednesday said that “there is literally no departmental heads or offices present in the district headquarters Tato.

“A few are said to be officiating temporarily from Mechuka and most of the time, those officials holidaying outside the district and a few have not even set foot inside the district since their official posting to Shi-Yomi,” the organizations said.

They claimed that developmental activities in the district have come to a halt “due to lukewarm and unorganized approach of the departmental heads and officials.”

“Basic facilities like water supply, electricity, communications, commerce, accommodations, banking, healthcare and education facilities are in dilapidated condition,” they said.

The organizations requested the CM to ensure that all the departmental offices are based in and officiating from district headquarters Tato and not from Mechuka, so that the purpose of creating Tato as the headquarters is achieved.

They also appealed to the government to take steps to establish an SBI branch in Tato for the benefit of the all the circles of the district.