KVK conducts vaccination drive

NAMSAI, 9 Jul: The Namsai KVK conducted a vaccination programme against seasonal fatal diseases like swine fever (SF) in pigs, PPR and FMD in goats, and Ranikhet in chickens at the farmers’ doorsteps recently.

The SF vaccination drive was conducted under the Centre’s ongoing biotech KISAN project, while the PPR and FMD vaccination drives were conducted under the ongoing NABARD-funded project. Vaccination against Ranikhet in chickens was carried out at the units established by the KVK.

“A total of around 350 were vaccinated against SF, 500 against PPR and FMD, and thousands against Ranikhet disease, covering villages in Lekang, Piyong and Chongkham circles,” the KVK informed in a release.

Around 160 farmers benefitted from the programme, it said.