Active Covid cases in all 20 wards of capital, DMO seeks info on cases

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 28 Jul: The Itanagar capital region has 1,257 active cases (10 days home isolation monitoring and 4 days self isolation) spread across all 20 wards under the Itanagar Municipal Corporation as of 27 July.

The wards and their active case numbers are: Ward 1 (102), Ward 2 (12), Ward 3 (57) Ward 4 (40), Ward 5 (78), Ward 6 (48), Ward 7 (69), Ward 8 (28), Ward 9 (65), Ward 10 (31), Ward 11 (53), Ward 12 (19), Ward 13 (125), Ward 14 (93), Ward 15 (69), Ward 16 (50), Ward 17 (80), Ward 18 (78) Ward 19 (129) and Ward 20 (31).

Addressing reporters here on Wednesday, Capital District Medical Officer Dr M Perme said, “there is a distribution of cases across the capital and we have to seriously consider measures to protect ourselves.”

He also informed that the state health task force (SHTF) is scheduled to conduct a meeting and discuss the use of Covid home testing kits.

“Unless the SHTF comes up with a protocol, we request those who use such testing kits at home, to at least provide information to the rapid response teams when someone tests positive,” the DMO said.

“If people are late in providing us with the positive tests, it will be difficult for us to help the patient. Even if someone is in home isolation, we should be informed so that we can monitor the patient’s health to avoid complications,” he said.

He also requested people to come forward for the random tests conducted by the rapid response teams.

“This is a very serious illness. Please do not take it lightly. If you are negative then it’s well and good, but if you are positive then we can provide medicines and timely medical care,” he said.

He also informed that the state capital region has the second-highest vaccination rate, after East Siang district.

The DMO requested those who are reluctant to take the vaccine due to rumours, not to believe social media posts that have not been authenticated or approved by the government.

“In order to learn to live with Covid, we need to protect ourselves through appropriate Covid behaviour issued by health officials as well as get vaccinated,” he added.