Arunachal: A land for tourism

[ CI Mannou ]

Arunachal, a state in the northeastern region of India, is a place of pride for the nation. It has preserved its historical relics in many ways. It is also a charming home of different tribes. The state is endowed with scenic beauty of nature, such as evergreen forests, rivers and streams. So, the people of Arunachal have been strengthening its beauty in view of the larger picture, because it is known that a home cannot be constructed out of bricks and cement. A home is born out of love, care and understanding for the beauty of each of us. These are the components without which a home would merely be a place utilized only for living.

With the passage of time, the state is growing by leaps and bounds into a thriving commercial and cosmopolitan metropolis, with the exception of its growing pollution which destroys the beauty and sounds of birds and insects. Because of growing population, it is saddening to see tourism ruining the areas because of people throwing garbage and plastic wastes into drains on the street without thinking of the concept of cleanliness, thus destroying the very essence of the gift of nature.

Besides, it is also sadly noticed that travellers relieve themselves in the open due to the absence of public toilets, which is essential to cater to basic human needs. Garbage disposal bins and waste collection bins should be placed in abundance to facilitate easy disposal of rubbish.

So, instead of blaming the government and the municipality for not doing enough, we should request travellers to stop throwing garbage on the streets or into the drains, as the garbage they throw have come back to bite us.

It is necessary to inform the tourists about the government’s genuine cleanliness drive under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, so as to assist us in bringing back the beauty of the environment of the state of Arunachal. (The writer is former principal, based in Chongkham, Namsai.)