PWD CE Katung Wahge retires

ITANAGAR, 30 Jul: PWD chief engineer (CE) Katung Wahge retired from service on Friday.

A first-generation officer from the Nyishi community, Wahge joined service in 1985 as an engineer in the then CPWD. He was first posted to remote Anini.

Speaking to the press here on his last day in office, Wahge recalled his days in government service, starting from his first posting.

“It used to take four days to reach Anini when I was posted there. I have been lucky enough to serve in various parts of the state. I had the longest tenure in the capital region and have seen the growth of the ICR,” said Wahge.

He also said that, being a first-generation Nyishi officer, he tried hard to guide Nyishi youths in the right direction. “People used to look up to us. I have always tried my best to serve my tribe in the best possible manner since school days,” said Wahge.

He said that Arunachal needs better schools, colleges and universities to tap the talent and human resource potential of the state. Wahge also advised parents to change their attitude and spend more time with their children in order to keep them away from drugs.