Villagers undertake social service

KHONSA, 31 Jul: People of Dadam, Huakan, Moktowa, Laho, Chinkoi, Old Kothin, New Kothin and Bera villages in Tirap district recently took part in a social service, locally known as ‘laamsam’, along the link roads to the villages.

The people of these villages undertake laamsam (porter track clearance) every year after the completion of Hoju Kuhwa festival and millet harvesting. The recent social service in the villages was organized by the village councils, locally known as Ngoa-Wang, and was sponsored by Khonsa West MLA Chakat Aboh.

During the drive, the locals carried out maintenance work on the roads from Huakan to Dadam and cleared every village link road.

Aboh, who also participated in the drive, commended the villagers for conducting the social service, and informed that an all-weather road from Tupi to Dadam circle headquarters would soon be constructed for the people of the villages. (DIPRO)