Beko meat market inaugurated at Bogdo

AALO, 6 Aug: West Siang Deputy Commissioner Moki Loyi has inaugurated the Beko meat and fish market at Bogdo in the district on Friday.

This is the fourth meat and fish shed of its kind under the proposal of the district administration to shift all fish and meat sheds out of the district headquarter and at specific locations.

The initiative has been taken by Konya Lollen and brothers in fond memory of their father and former GB, late Beko Lollen, who was instrumental in shaping the growth of Bogdo sector.

The market has water supply and toilet facilities, and a separate vegetable shed too.

Loyi in his address said that such sheds are necessary to be opened up in various strategic points for the growth of the town in a hygienic manner.

Senior citizen Doi Ado and retired commissioner Huzar Lollen¬†¬† commended the Lollen brothers for their public welfare activities. “It will send a trend among the young generation to do something for their parents too,” he opined.

Bogdo Market Committee president Doli Lollen also spoke in detail about the facilities to be extended to customers at Bogdo. (DIPRO)