Welcome proposal by ICR DC

The deputy commissioner of the Itanagar capital region (ICR), Talo Potom during a meeting held on Saturday proposed opening one petrol depot each in Itanagar and Naharlagun 24/7 for the betterment of the public. He assured to provide police security to start this on a trial basis. This is a wonderful idea and should be implemented at the earliest. The ICR aspires to be a modern city in the future. At present, most of the petroleum, oil and lubricants (pol) depots close very early. Even when there is no Covid-19-related curfew, the depots shut down operation by 6 in the evening.

The owners cite law and order problem as the main reason for early shutting down of the depots. Often, antisocial elements create trouble for the workers when night falls. But if the ICR wishes to fulfil the dream of emerging as a modern city, those providing essential service items should at least remain open 24/7. Petrol depots remaining open 24/7 serve many purposes. First of all, the people, especially those with sudden medical cases and who are embarking on long journeys, will immensely benefit. Secondly, it will send out a message that law and order has drastically improved. This will give a massive boost to the business communities of the state. Apart from pol depots, the ICR administration should look into the possibility of keeping other businesses open 24/7 to make life easier for the people. For any city to truly develop, both night and day life are equally important.