Pul resents insufficient BADP funds for Anjaw, seeks fund to reduce migration

HAWAI, 5 Sep: Hayuliang MLA Dasanglu Pul has expressed resentment over insufficient Border Area Development Programme (BADP) funds provided to Anjaw district, which shares international borders with China and Myanmar.

She said that the BADP fund provided by the central government is “insufficient and sanctioned in a very slow manner.”

“There are many villages in every block and funds below Rs 70 lakhs are allocated for one block, which gets over among two villages while developing roads and infrastructure,” she claimed.

She also raised concern over the migration of people from international border villages towards the towns.

The MLA said that, “though villages of Anjaw are beautiful and blessed with natural bounty, people tend to migrate due to lack of basic facilities such as electricity, water supply and proper road communication.

As today’s generation requires a comfortable life with network and cannot struggle in the hilly terrains, many youths are migrating towards towns like Tezu and Pasighat for better future and standard of living.”

She informed that the Border Roads Organization is constructing a double-lane road but “the work is very slow and cannot be complete before 2024.”

She also informed that the district hospital in Hawai has only two doctors, who are natives, while others have left or get themselves transferred because of the lack of facilities in the district.

Pul urged the central government to provide development funds for the districts near the international borders to reduce migration.

“If the border areas are developed, these villagers can stay back and the government can provide incentives to monitor Chinese movement, since it is often difficult for the forces to reach the frontier areas,” she said.

“They (the villagers) can be used as a line of defence, and the Centre should seriously look into this. There are more than 600 villages within 10 kms of the 1,064 km border that Arunachal shares with China,” she said.