Power dept to install smart monopole in select towns

ITANAGAR, 15 Sep: In an effort to boost the network connectivity and to achieve digital mission of the government in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the Power Department is planning to install smart monopole in select towns of the state

preferably in the Capital complex or in the State Civil Secretariat as an in-house connectivity as a pilot project.

This decision was taken by Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein in a meeting with the officers of the Power Department and the Indus Towers Limited, one of the largest telecommunication tower providers in the country on Wednesday evening.

Mein opined that “the monopole will boost digital revolution in the state as envisaged in the Pradhan Mantri Digitalization Programme by the Government of India.”

It is also expected to boost the state government’s e-digital programme, like online education, e-governance, e-office etc. The main advantage of the monopole is that the citizen shall enjoy seamless network connectivity and lighting solutions as it will ensure better network connectivity.

Lighting solutions will also provide safety to the pedestrians, personal security by reducing mishaps and crimes and road accidents, smooth traffic flow during night with added street aesthetics. Each pole will have provision to install other smart elements like CCTV and public address system that would save the cost for other projects.

Other benefits of the project is that it will have no financial burden on the state government as the entire investment shall be done by the Indus Towers Limited and the state government will get revenue at mutually agreed rate over the next 20 years.