Individuals owning more than 2 firearms asked to deposit rest

AALO, 20 Sep:  West Siang district administration has directed the arms license holders in the district, who own more than two firearms, to deposit the rest with the authority by 31 September, 2021 “to avoid de-licensing and cancellation of arm licenses.”

As per the Arms (Amendment) Act, 2019, a person can have a maximum of two firearms. Those who own more than two firearms will have to deposit the rest with the authorities or authorized gun dealers.

“Air weapons, including air rifles and airguns having muzzle  energy exceeding 20 joules or 15 ft  IBS.  or bore exceeding (.0117′ or 4.5mm shall be counted within the limit of the two firearms as per the section 3 of the Arms Act, 2019 and the Arunachal  Pradesh  government letter (No. HMB (B) 100/2019/535-18/271) dated 28 April, 2021.” (DIPRO)