Elite athlete development prog concludes

ITANAGAR, 19 Nov: The third and last day’s events under the ‘Arunachal Pradesh elite athlete development programme’ of the sports directorate and GoSports Foundation took place at Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy here on Friday.

Experts from GoSports Foundation conducted ‘functional movement screening’ for a few of the athletes, while a certain section of the athletes was screened by the sports physician and the physio on ground.

The strength- and power-based tests were conducted in the afternoon at the football fields for all the athletes, while a few of the athletes had their psychological sessions, as well.

In the second half of the day, the athletes were put through endurance assessment. The three-day athlete education workshop and assessment came to an end in the evening, and will be followed by athlete interviews, focused on need assessments and other relevant parameters.

Speaking about the workshops and the assessments, GoSports Foundation CEO Deepthi Bopaiah said, “It is wonderful to see the directorate of sports, Arunachal Pradesh start this programme with a vision to improve the athletes from the state and make them Olympians and much more in the future. It is very important to understand the current levels of the athletes through data-backed tests and assessments. These tests will help us form a baseline upon which these athletes can improve over the coming few months and years through customized programmes to address the gaps that are found.”