MLA inaugurates resort near Yomgo River

AALO, 5 Jan: Aalo East MLA Kento Jini inaugurated the Liiro Picnic Spot cum Resort, situated on the right bank of Yomgo River, on Wednesday.

The spot can be reached through motor boats pressed into service at nominal rates, and visitors can ride along the riverside and can have a picnic in the identified tents erected over a large stretch of land.

Speaking on the occasion, the MLA stressed on making the spot a plastic-free and eco-friendly zone for tourists, and advised on not littering the area.

“Tourism is the fourth largest industry in the world and our people should also learn to tap the beautiful resources bestowed upon us even on a self-help basis to earn revenue and generate employment. Hospitality holds the key to promote tourism,” he said and expressed his dismay over non-participation of local youths from the town in the recently concluded training organized by the Indian Army on various trades in tourism.

He further stressed on riverside cleaning from Bene to Nyiko Bango areas and urged the district administration to check unwanted and dirty sewage water flowing directly into the river to keep the river clean.

Deba Loya, who has taken the land on lease for five years from the Giida Iissi Committee Kabu said that the effort is a step towards creating a recreation centre in the town and wean away the youth from unwanted activities by involving them in productive means of self-employment.

He assured to give a traditional look to the picnic spot cum resort in the days to come.

District Tourism Officer T Kopak said that such enterprising activities initiated by the experienced generation are essential to show the way to the younger generation to be emulated and talked at length on tourism prospects, guidelines and scope in the district.

Major Rishi Arya from the Indian Army highlighted on adventure and hospitality training imparted by the army and senior member from Kabu, Jomkar Loyi also dwelt on the importance of tourism avenues in the village areas. (DIPRO)