Shutting down internet is not justified

In today’s time, when the internet has become an important source of information and an integral part of human lives, the decision to shut down the internet is against democratic norms. During the recent 36-hour bandh in the Itanagar Capital Region enforced by the All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA), the state government shut down the internet, causing massive trouble to the denizens. People use the internet for various purposes and denying them access to the internet is a serious concern.

In Arunachal Pradesh, apart from during bandhs, the administration shuts down the internet whenever there is a competitive examination. This is being done reportedly to stop cheating. The decision to shut down the internet during exams is ridiculous. No amount of justification can justify such kind of act. Shutting of the internet is not going to stop cheating. Only a robust examination system will put an end to such illegal activities. Even during a bandh, the shutting down of the internet is not going to have any impact. In fact, it further infuriates the citizens and often turns them against the administration. The government resorts to this culture of shutting down the internet at its whims and fancies. Access to the internet is the basic right of citizens in a democracy and this right should not be curtailed using some excuses.