Ensure construction of state highway

The Itanagar to Jote road, which is the first state highway of Arunachal Pradesh, being executed by the PWD, is facing trouble on two major fronts. The work on the 20-km-long project, which is being funded by the NABARD, has slowed down because of land compensation issue. Out of a total of 20 kms, the work on a 6-km stretch in between Itanagar and Moin village has not started due to compensation issue. The landowners are refusing to donate land free of cost and are seeking compensation. The state government has made it clear that there is no provision for compensation.
The matter has reached the court as the landowners have got a stay order, thereby stopping the work. While the legal fight will continue, the capital administration should start a dialogue with the landowners and work out a solution. A middle path acceptable to both parties should be worked out. Further, work should start on those stretches in between Itanagar and Moin which are not facing compensation issues. The public also should not be adamant about compensation claims. They should learn a lesson from the people of Poma, Jote and Khamyir, who have donated land free of cost for the stretch between Moin and Jote.
Also, the project is getting affected due to the failure of the PWD to make payment to the contractor. The funding agency, NABARD, has said that it has already cleared the first installment of payment and handed it over to the state government. The finance department should immediately clear the payment. This is the first state highway being taken up by the government of Arunachal and its success will determine what future lies ahead.