Extraction of minor minerals only from govt-notified quarries: DC

ITANAGAR, 2 Feb:  Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom informed that extraction of minor minerals, such as sand, boulder, gravel etc, “shall be extracted from government notified quarries only and the royalty on minor minerals shall be paid in advance.”

As per Rule-58 under the Arunachal Pradesh Minor Minerals Concession Rule, 2020 (APMMCR 2020) contractor holders/ firms shall also have to obtain mining permits from the DC.

Convening a virtual meeting in connection with the Arunachal Pradesh District Minerals Foundation (Trust) 2018 with all the stakeholders on Wednesday,

Potom informed that all the work departments and organizations under the state government or central government, engaged in any type of construction activities in the Capital Complex, shall forward a copy of contract work agreement, projects, work order, proper assessment of royalty and actual requirement of minor minerals along with list of contractors and firms entrusted for construction work to the DC who is also the district collector.

“They should submit a copy of the monthly revenue statement in terms of royalty statement on minor minerals with proper description of minor minerals,” he said.

He also informed about the royalty amount to be realised as per APDMF Fund (Trust) 2018.

The DC also highlighted the imposition of penalty for unauthorised extraction and transportation of minor minerals under section 77 of APMMCR 2020. (DIPRO)