Tedir releases Hindi music video

ITANAGAR, 2 Feb: A Hindi music video titled ‘Humara Arunachal’, directed by RC Tok and produced by Likha Tara under the banner of Tania Bendu Nguri production was released by Education Minister Taba Tedir at the DK Convention Hall here this afternoon.

The songs are sung by Tania Bendu Nguri, Taba Yap and Anu Mara. The actors and actresses of the music video are Jai Nilo, Chukhu Patu, Tumken Sora, Donyir Doji, Giogi Tade, Sonam Rajak, Bapi Gamlin and Tadu.

Tara said he came forward to produce the album after he was highly impressed with the singing talent of Nguri.  He said, “Most people don’t know that they have hidden talents and that these hidden talents remain untapped due to lack of sponsors.”

Tara urged like-minded people to come forward and help them in exposing their hidden talents.

On the occasion, renowned singers, including Benga Hemanta, Taba Yall Nabam, Goto Ete, actors and others associated with the state’s film industry were also felicitated.

Sagalee RWD division EE Gollo Tara Nguri and Director Printing Tajuk Charu Nguri also attended the programme.

Later, the music video was also screened for the audience.