Chakmas allegedly damage boundary pillars, 144 CrPC imposed in Neotan

[ Bengia Ajum ]

MIAO, 11 Feb: The people of Neotan village here in Changlang district have alleged that the Chakma settlers of nearby Dharmapur refugee settlement area have damaged the boundary pillars erected by the Miao administration to demarcate the boundary between the local Tangsa tribe and the settlers.

On the 8th of this month, the pillars were erected along the Buri Dihing river to demarcate the boundary, in the presence of Miao ADC Sunny K Singh and representative of the Chakma settlers and the indigenous Tangsa tribe.

The ADC informed that the decision to erect the pillars had been taken after the administration had received complaints alleging that the settlers were encroaching on the river and changing the course of the Buri Dihing river, thereby posing a threat to Neotan village.

“Based on the complaint filed by the gaon burah of Neotan village, we acted, and, as per record available with us, they have gone out of land allotted to them and indulging in encroachment.  Therefore, decision to erect the pillars to demarcate the boundary was taken,” said Singh.

However, the administration faced stiff resistance from the Chakma settlers.

“In total, we were supposed to erect 10 pillars. We managed to erect four pillars, and when we were about to erect pillar number 5, groups of people stopped us. The groups started to abuse us and created hurdles. They were carrying stones too,” the ADC said.

The Changlang district administration has imposed restrictions under Section 144 CrPC in the area.

Four pillars have allegedly been destroyed. Neotan GPC Thinjung Mossang alleged that the Chakma settlers harass the indigenous tribal people whenever they go to the Buri Dihing river to collect materials.

“From 2021 onwards, they started to stop our people from collecting any materials. They keep on harassing us. Before reaching out to the administration, we tried to resolve the issue peacefully, but they did not agree,” said the GPC.

He further alleged that the Chakma settlers threatened Neotan GB Tanghum Mossang of dire consequences “in the presence of the police and the administration.”

“They kept on provoking us and the administration. The GB was forced to flee from the scene due to aggressive activities of the Chakmas. They are refusing to follow the government order, which is unfortunate. We are ready to abide by the order of the administration,” he added.

Reportedly, the settlers did not even listen to the appeal of the ADC, who urged them to allow the work to continue. The situation continues to be tense in Neotan area, and the administration is keeping a close vigil for any untoward development.