Women and policing

Recently, 123 candidates passed the examination conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) for the posts of sub-inspector in the Arunachal Pradesh Police.

Of the 123 successful candidates, only five were females.

Of the 18,745 candidates who had applied for the posts, eight thousand males and 2,000 females cleared the physical tests. The statistics are telling.

1,288 males and 210 females cleared the recruitment test.

As opposed to most government departments, the Arunachal Pradesh Police has the lowest representation of women.

If the police want to ensure representation, it must make changes and do away with discrimination. Some jobs in the department are still only for males. This is not justified.

The second step is to make it easier for women to join the force. They should be encouraged to join the force and special recruitments should be held for them.

Fair and efficient policing can only happen when there is equal representation.