Large cardamom variety introduced in Anjaw

HAYULIANG, 6 May: The Anjaw KVK on Friday introduced a high-yielding large cardamom variety to the farmers of the district under the Tribal Sub-Plan, in order to “improve productivity and increase the income from the declining situation of large cardamom,” it stated in a release.

“The Sikkim-based high-yielding variety for low altitude, ‘Seremna’, was introduced in the presence of Goiliang CO N Hakom, who encouraged the farmers to adopt the high-yielding cardamom variety and other crops to improve productivity, increase income, and make Anjaw self-reliant in agriculture and horticultural produce,” the KVK said.

During the programme, “package and practices of large cardamom, millets and water-efficient agriculture” were explained by KVK Head (in-charge) Dr Santosh Kumar.

At the end of the programme, 5,000 disease-free large cardamom planting materials, along with CR Dhan paddy, finger millets, and vermibeds were distributed to 28 farmers in Doiliang village in Goiliang circle.