Regulate sale of mithun meat

The Upper Subansiri district administration has banned the sale of mithun meat in the open market. The ban was imposed after the Tagin Cultural Society (TCS) had submitted a memorandum to the DC, seeking a ban on the killing of mithuns, terming them endangered animals. The move to put a complete ban on the sale of mithun meat in the open market is too harsh. Mithun meat is part and parcel of tribal delicacy and denying the people access to it is unfair. Also, people involved in the business of selling mithuns will be hit hard by the ban.

Instead of imposing a blanket ban on the sale of mithuns meat, the state government should formulate a policy to regulate its sale. The number of mithuns that can be slaughtered per month should be regulated. The veterinary department along with the administration should join hands to work out a policy in this regard. An awareness programme should be conducted, so that the people involved in the business are aware of the importance of saving the mithun. This will make them responsible and they will play an important part in the conservation effort. The complete ban on the sale of meat will backfire and it will only lead to an increase in black marketing. Black-marketing will cause more harm to the effort of conserving the mithun.