Training on FMD and management of sick animals

BASAR, 29 Jun: In view of the emergence of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in various districts affecting a large number of cattle and mithuns, ICAR-Research Complex for NEH Region AP centre, Basar organized an awareness programme on treatment of FMD and management of sick animals.

Senior scientist Dr. Joken Bam educated the participants about the disease, its impact, vaccination, care and management of affected animals during an outbreak.

Another senior scientist Dr. Doni Jini highlighted the economic losses incurred especially by the mithun farmers due to FMD.

Dr. Jini reiterated the importance of vaccinating all the susceptible livestock population. He also demonstrated the use of various medicines during an FMD outbreak.

Scientists Dr. RA Alone, Dr. Badapmein Makdoh and Dr. Letnam Touthang advised the farmers to adopt improved crop varieties and technologies for higher production.

Vegetable seeds were also distributed to all the 15 farmers from Gori and Nyigam village, who attended the programme.