Captured leopard released in Namdapha

[Bengia Ajum]

MIAO, 30 Jun: The female leopard that had been captured on 24 June from Bordumsa in Changlang district was released inside the Namdapha National Park & Tiger Reserve here on Thursday.

The authorities of the Namdapha National Park, along with forest officials under the Jairampur DFO, aided by the district administration and locals, had captured the leopard after much difficulty. In the process, however, the leopard had sustained injuries.

After being handed over to the authorities of the Namdapha National Park, the injured leopard was treated by a wildlife veterinarian from the Wildlife Trust of India.

Speaking to this daily, an official of the Namdapha National Park said that, after the veterinarian was satisfied that the leopard was fit to be released in the wild, Namdapha National Park & Tiger Reserve Field Director Aduk Paron, along with the field staff safely released the animal inside the park on Thursday.

The leopard was treated at the mini-zoo in the Namdapha National Park.

“There were wounds on the foreleg and neck. The animal almost recovered in seven days and was released deep inside the park in the wild as it was found fit to be released,” the official added.

The leopard, which was first sighted by the villagers on the 17th of this month, had killed 11 livestock and caused serious injuries to five people in the village, before being caught. It was captured on 24 June after a six-day chase. It had created mayhem in Kherem Kochari, Khowji Pattar and Bisa villages in Bordumsa subdivision of Changlang district.