Tedir inaugurates replica of Tou Lvn

Staff Reporter

POTIN, 16 Sep: Education Minister Taba Tedir on Friday inaugurated the replica of the legendary Tou Lvn, constructed near the dam viewpoint site here in Lower Subansiri district, in the presence of Tourism Director Abu Tayeng and others.

The replica has been constructed based on the mythology associated with the love story of Rikham Pada and Rinyam Yami.

Tedir, who is also the local MLA, narrated the mythology of Tou Lvn.

“It is believed that, after Rikham Pada died in an incident, his beloved wife started weaving traditional loom while remembering her husband. She sat on a lvn (stone) and started weaving. The stone is now submerged in the Panyor river dam site. This Tou Lvn project is an initiative to preserve and pass on this very important Nyishi mythological story to the next generation,” said Tedir.

“Besides attracting tourists, this project will educate the young generation Nyishis about the Rikham Pada song and all the legendary stories associated with it, and the story of the couple, Rikham Pada and Rinyam Yami.

Local panchayat leaders, along with heads of departments attended the programme.