Cloudburst creates havoc in Yangte

ITANAGAR, 29 Sep: At least 28 houses were severely damaged in a cloudburst that occurred in Yangte circle of Kra Daadi district on Thursday.

Villages such as Niringha, Yibung, Yangte, Choba and a few others were affected, and Pakpu and Pacho streams are in spate.

The district administration informed that no human casualty occurred but horticulture and agriculture crops, along with domestic animals, were washed away.

The administration informed also that “the villagers had already moved out to a safer location before the cloudburst, and the incident occurred three hours after their departure.”

The district administration will assess the damages.

Meanwhile, the Anti Corruption Foundation appealed to the state government to provide relief to the victims, “along with immediate restoration of the road, which is the lifeline of the people of Yangte and Tali,” and to restore the damaged bridges, culverts, retaining walls, etc.