Rainfall triggers massive damages

[Karda Natam]

DAPORIJO, 29 Sep: Incessant rainfall in Upper Subansiri district has triggered massive landslides and flashfloods, damaging properties in numerous places in the district.

Leriak village, in Giba circle, was severely affected by a flashflood that damaged many houses, causing the villagers to panic and leave the village in apprehension of landslides occurring.

Millet and paddy fields, along with the drainage system, have been washed away, and water supply pipes have been severely damaged.

No human casualty has been reported, but many cattle have been reported missing.

In Taliha, the people are facing acute shortage of drinking water as the water supply pipeline has been damaged. Internet service (BSNL) does not exist, and the people are cut off from the rest of the state.

The district, particularly Taliha, has been without electricity for the last few days.