Training prog for farmers

BASAR, 29 Sep: The ICAR’s regional centre (RC) here in Leparada district organised a ‘training-cum-input distribution programme and animal health camp’ in Pagi village for the farmers there on Thursday.

During the programme, which was chaired by the village’s GB, ICAR RC Head Dr H Kalita presented a brief on the technologies developed by the ICAR for livelihood improvement, and requested the farmers to “learn the technologies and adopt them for income generation, as well as for self-employment.”

Horticulture scientist Dr Thejangulie Angami spoke about nursery management of cole crops and “scientific agro-techniques of rabi vegetables,” besides the method of application of different organic inputs.

Genetics & plant breeding scientist Dr L Touthang highlighted “the maintenance of genetic purity in field and horticultural crops,” while soil science specialist Dr Ampee Tasung shed light on “vermicomposting technology for soil fertility and improvement.”

During the animal health camp, VEE scientist Dr Doni Jini explained the use of different medicines for livestock and poultry.

Besides medicines and vitamins for livestock and poultry, winter vegetable seeds, viz, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, spinach, coriander, radish, carrot, vermicompost, neem oil, blitox, etc, were distributed to the farmers.