RGU signs MoU with CHF

RONO HILLS, 4 Nov: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) here and Pasighat (East Siang)-based College of Horticulture & Forestry (CHF) for collaborative researches in areas of mutual interest.

 “The basic purpose of the MoU is to establish a mutually beneficial stage for growth of agriculture and allied studies between the two and undertake research on various other aspects,” the RGU informed in a release.

RGU Vice Chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha termed the inking of the MoU “a welcome step towards achieving academic heights on mutually benefitting parameters for both the parties,” and emphasised “the importance of undertaking extension, outreach, documentation and sensitisation programmes on various agriculture-related issues.”

He expressed hope that the partnership would benefit both the institutions and the students in the Northeast “by promoting genuine atmosphere of collaboration and alliance between the two institutions.”

RGU Finance Officer Prof Otem Padung said that both parties have agreed to “finance joint activities from internal and external sources available with them, as per the discretions and the responsibilities bestowed under the mutually discussed and agreed upon agreement for each specific cooperation and activities.”

RGU Joint Registrar (Academic & Conference) Dr David Pertin opined that the joint venture would be “academically very viable, especially in terms of creating ample opportunities for the learners, researchers and faculty members of the state in particular and the Northeast region in general through exchange programmes.”

He informed that the MoU will remain effective for five years.

RGU Life Sciences & Agricultural Sciences Dean Prof Sumpam Tangjang informed that RGU’s agriculture department would “play the role of the facilitator in implementing programmes and activities mentioned to be undertaken in the MoU.”

Drs LD Hatai and SK Pattanaik from the CHF said that “the basic purpose of this MoU is to yield optimum benefit for all while upholding the core values of higher education, giving equitable access, academic freedom and institutional autonomy while maintaining institutional accountability and professional and social responsibility in right perspective.”

The MoU was signed by Prof Otem Padung and the CHF dean, in the presence of Prof Kushwaha, and others, the RGU said.