HLC visits cloudburst-hit Yangte, assures of govt assistance

PALIN, 8 Nov: A high-level committee (HLC) of the state government, headed by MLA Tanpho Wangnaw, visited Yangte valley in Kra Daadi district on Monday and assessed the damages caused by the cloudburst that hit the area on 28 September night.

The committee members, including Disaster Management Secretary Dani Salu, the SEs of RWD, PWD and the PHE&WS department, were guided by Palin MLA Balo Raja, Kra Daadi DC Higio Tala and HoDs during the visit.

Addressing a public meeting on the occasion, Wangnaw appealed to everyone to “cooperate and support the executing agencies for bringing normalcy in the valley.” He gave assurance that the state government would provide “every possible assistance after completing all official procedures.”

He praised the untiring efforts of all the line departments which worked hard to provide facilities to the people within a short period of time.

Salu said that “the disaster management department and the government as a whole are in vigilance since 29 September for this particular catastrophic event, and the necessary immediate relief assistance package was provided at the earliest.”

He further said that relief assistance will be paid to the affected individuals and departments as per the state’s disaster relief fund norms.

Salu requested the district administration to “do the reassessment activity of the properties damaged and all individuals, so that no such affected individuals should be left out of the list.”

Raja appealed to the public to “cooperate with departments concerned in restoration work and avoid politics during this time of adversity.”

Expressing appreciation for the state government for releasing the immediate relief assistance package, he appealed to the HLC to ensure “proper verification of all the damages of properties of people and different departments.”

Yangte ZPM Dado Talik highlighted the struggles faced by the people during the restoration and reconstruction of all the important connecting roads, water supply, electricity supply, etc, and rehabilitation of people who either completely lost their houses or whose properties were partially damaged.

The DC on his part apprised the HLC of the actions taken by the district administration during the calamity, and appealed to the committee to “release fund at the earliest, in the interest of all affected individuals.” (DIPRO)