Flight service from Donyi Polo airport should be started

The people of Arunachal Pradesh are waiting for the start of flight service from the newly constructed Donyi Polo airport, located in Hollongi. As the airport has not been formally inaugurated, flight service is yet to start. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to inaugurate the airport. As the prime minister’s office has not been able to give a date for the inauguration, it has led to the delay in starting flight service. Now, once again, it is being said that Modi will visit the state on 17 November to inaugurate the airport. But till now there is no certainty whether he will come for the inauguration.

Domestic carrier Indigo has already announced that it will accept bookings for Hollongi-Kolkata flight service from 1 December onwards. Whether the PM comes for the inauguration or not, Indigo and other domestic carriers should strictly start flight services from December onwards. In the name of inauguration, the people should not be denied the chance to avail the flight service. In good news, the Airports Authority of India on Wednesday informed that it has installed an instrument landing system (ILS), consisting of a localiser, a glidepath, and distance measuring equipment (DME), at the Donyi Polo airport. This will help in carrying out operations at the airport in all weather conditions. This was much needed, considering the unpredictable weather conditions experienced in the state.