Indian fighters bag 5 medals in Asian MMA c’ship

Staff Reporter

PATTAYA, 13 Nov: The Indian mixed martial arts (MMA) team bagged five medals – two silver and three bronze – in the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts’ (GAMMA) Asian MMA Championships, held here in Thailand from 9 to 13 November.

Laki Weshi Sangno and Lomdik Tath bagged silver medals in the 52 kg category. Sangno lost to Saty Skrym of Kazakhstan via a split decision in the final match of the 52 kg bout, while Tath lost to Norachart Suttharang of Thailand in the final.

Tor Perme and Diyo Rimo bagged bronze medals in the 60 kg and the striking category, respectively. Perme lost to Maratbek Argen of Kyrgyzstan, while Rimo lost to Sagyndykov Sairan of Kazakhstan in the semifinals.

Vishal Konwer bagged the bronze medal in the 70 kg striking MMA category, after losing to Beishebek Zhanybek of Kyrgyzstan in the semifinals. Nisham Sonam Waii could not win a medal after losing in the quarterfinals against his Kazakh opponent.

The six Indian MMA fighters are from the Abrasumente Academy, Itanagar, and were coached by Higio Taarak.