NSD to organise theatre plays for children

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 27 Nov: The National School of Drama’s (NSD) theatre-in-education (TIE) company, Sanskaar Rang Toli, is on a nine-day tour of Arunachal Pradesh to perform theatre plays for children.

The plays, titled ‘Gumnam Siitare’ and ‘Qisse Soojh Boojh Ke’, will be performed in Namsai, Roing and Likabali.

Addressing a press conference, NSD Assistant Professor Riken Ngomle on Sunday informed that the TIE is staging the two theatrical shows for children.

Ngomle informed that the plays will be staged in Namsai from 1-4 December, in Roing from 5-6 December, and in Likabali from 8-9 December.

“Professional artists from the NSD will be performing in the plays,” Ngomle said.

“The reason why we brought theatre play to Arunachal is, our people should also know that theatre not only means entertainment. Through theatre, the children can be taught easily. We will conduct workshops and awareness through theatre,” he said, adding that “the state government is helping us in making these plays possible.”

‘Gumnam Siitare (Unsung Heroes)’ is written and directed by Dr Suwarn Rawat, and is about the unsung heroes and freedom fighters whose sacrifices and struggles did not get due recognition.

‘Qisse Soojh Boojh Ke’, designed and directed by Bansi Kaul, will feature anecdotes on moral education for the children.