Fight cyberbullying

The arrest of a young man on the charge of cyberbullying from Changlang district once again highlights how social media can be used for destructive purposes by some. The person, identified as Kapil Sonowal, had created a fake profile of the complainant, who is a girl, on Facebook, and was sending obscene messages to all her friends. Imagine the kind of trauma he gave to the girl with his criminal act. With the internet available in almost every part of the state, growing cases of such cyberbullying are being reported.

In most cases, the victim does not report the matter to the police, fearing social stigmatisation. This emboldens the accused. In such a situation, not only the victim, but the entire family also suffers for no fault. The victim should not hide, come out openly, and file police cases. They should strongly fight and the police should extend all possible support to the victims in such a situation. Considering the growing number of such cases, it is time awareness about cybercrimes is generated among the people at large. The police should tie up with civil society bodies and community-based organisations and organise large-scale awareness campaigns throughout the state. Further, strict action under the relevant sections of the law should be initiated against people indulging in cyberbullying.