Music school inaugurated


JAIRAMPUR, 4 Dec: Local MLA Laisam Simai inaugurated the first music school in Jairampur subdivision in Changlang district.

The classes will start with guitar courses. Later on, different courses for different musical instruments will be added.

Simai said that “it is the first small step towards building of a topmost music school of the district.”

“We will gradually enhance the infrastructure and add up new music courses,” he said.

He advised the youths “inclining towards the erroneous path” to “retrace their footsteps towards the music school and restart their lives.”

An initiative of local NGO Pangsau Kaan, the music school is an effort to teach and improve the musical knack of the local youths.

“Our focus is to prevent the local youths from diverting towards the erroneous path by engaging them in the music school,” Pangsau Kaan president Simon Ronrang said.

Renowned guitarist of the state, Ricky Taijong, will be training the first batch of guitarists.