Sona attends Podi-Barbi celebration

MECHUKHA, 5 Dec: Legislative Assembly Speaker PD Sona on Monday attended the Podi-Barbi celebration in Yorko village near Mechukha in Shi-Yomi district.

Podi-Barbi, a harvest festival, is one of the main festivals of the Adi community, and is celebrated on 5 December every year.

Speaking on the occasion, Sona extended greetings to the gathering and exuded hope that the festival would usher in a bumper harvest, good health and harmony for all.

He expressed appreciation for the people of Yorko village “for maintaining the age-old culture through festival” and encouraged them to continue doing so.

The celebration was marked by colourful cultural programmes and rituals.

Podi-Barbi was celebrated with traditional fervour and gaiety at Gumin Kiin in West Siang HQ Aalo also.

Attending the festival, former minister Doi Ado highlighted the origin of the Topo-Karbo descendants and the culture and folklores attached to it.

“We all should have the zeal to participate in each other’s festival to keep alive the spirit of unity in diversity,” he said.

The invited guests spoke on preservation and promotion of their traditional culture.

Festival organising committee chief advisor Tajen Podo and its vice president Sanjay Chije highlighted the significance and mythological aspects of the festival.

An audio album titled ‘Ngoluge Ding am Sii’ was released by the guests.

Various games and sports competitions were also organised as part of the festival. (Speaker’s PR Cell & DIPR)