ABK, JMS demand stringent punishment for DFO’s abductors

ITANAGAR, 8 Dec: The Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) on Thursday demanded stringent punishment for all the accused persons involved in the abduction of Rupa DFO Bittem Darang.

The community-based organisation (CBO) said that the investigating officer concerned “should file charges against the criminals on time, so that a strong message is put across to all the antisocial elements that writ of the law shall rule at large and those who commit crimes against fellow citizens shall not be spared.”

Commending the East Kameng DC and SP “for their display of exemplary courage and professionalism in nabbing the abductors of Darang,” the ABK said that “their commendable service is worthy of recognition even from the state government, as well as all the communities of the state.”

“Antisocial elements/criminals do not belong to any particular tribe, society or religion,” the ABK said, and added that “it is a shared responsibility and a common objective of all, irrespective of tribe, caste, or creed, to make our society and state free of all antisocial activities.”

“ABK is also seized of the support extended by the Nyishi Elite Society (NES) in the instant case, and extends it’s sincere and deep gratitude to the NES,” the ABK said in a release.

It further said that it would not remain a mute spectator “whenever any Adi tribe officers/officials are harassed by any individual or a group of people.”

It appealed to other CBOs to “strengthen social vigilantism in their respective areas, so that a few antisocial elements do not take advantage of the situation and physically or mentally harass innocent, law-abiding citizens.”

The Jering Matkir Society (JMS) has also strongly condemned the abduction of the DFO and urged the authority concerned to award exemplary punishment to the culprits involved.

It lauded the efforts of the police and the district administrations of West Kameng and East Kameng for taking immediate action and rescuing the DFO within a few hours.

“We strongly condemn such incident and appeal to the concern authority to give stringent punishment to the culprits, so that such incident does not repeat in this civilised society,” JMS president Tapur Ketan said.