Guv reiterates strengthening civil-military relations

NEW DELHI, 20 Dec: Arunachal Pradesh Governor BD Mishra emphasised on strengthening the civil-military relations, based on confidence-building, mutual trust, mutual knowledge of civil-military affairs, “and a transparent interface between the civil and military leaderships of Arunachal Pradesh.”

Addressing senior government officers and defence forces officers of the rank of brigadiers and commodores during the 48th advanced professional programme in public administration at the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) here on Tuesday, Mishra said that “it is essential to have mutual respect for each other’s domain in decision-making and plans implementation for good civil-military relations, and these concepts and actions should be closely integrated.”

Calling for “optimisation of civil-military relations as an integral part of the national defence policy,” he said that civil-military relations “must aim at making the Indian armed forces self-reliant and making our country shreshtha Bharat.”

He advised the armed forces officers to be fearless and forthright.

“They must build up their professional competence to the extent that the political leaders get convinced that whatever is being suggested by the military leaders is in the best interests of the country,” he said, and added that he is “proud to say that in Arunachal Pradesh, the present civil-military relations are their best.”

The IIPA is a premier training and research institute under the union personnel & training department. It conducts more than 100 training and capacity building programmes for government officials of India, as well as of foreign countries. (Raj Bhavan)